MD Squared Property Group

Website Design


MD Squared Property Group, a property management company located in New York, asked White Box Design Studio to redesign their existing website with a more unique and modern look to engage prospective clients. We noticed that their website didn't match the brand style that had been used for other promotional materials. The new website also needed more functionality to serve and support the current MD Squared Property Group clients as well as more content to engage prospective clients. 



White Box Design Studio built a website for the MD Squared Property Group on a Wix-based platform. The design was integrated with the current logo, fonts and color palette (gray & green) previously used for their business cards and postcards, to maintain brand consistency and a familiar look for Current MD Squared Property Group clients. We focused on creating clear calls-to-action and used an approach with modern, unique, and simple design solutions to engage prospective clients. To make navigation easier for site visitors, we removed background colors, increased white space and added eye-catching green call-to-action buttons. Their home page lacked content, so we added more functionality and content on the landing page to engage site visitors. Their existing website had a lot of text and only a few photos that were less engaging. We added more photos including the buildings they manage, staff members, and their work scenes to enliven the website.

MD2 Property Management_3.jpg