3 reasons why brand consistency is so important

Blog article - Brand Consistency is so important by White Box Design Studio

When you brand your business, you need to go further than just creating a logo and business card. There is a huge difference between establishing a visual identity and creating a brand. Your brand includes, not only your visual identity, but your vision, values, and personality as well. To build a strong brand, you need to be consistent in everything you do while promoting your business. 

What is brand consistency?

Brand consistency is the pattern of expression that affects what people think about your company. The more consistent your brand messaging and visual identity are, the stronger your brand will be.

“ Brand consistency is the key to building a successful brand”

Brand consistency example by White Box Design Studio

Here are 3 reasons why brand consistency is so important.

1. Brand consistency builds trust  

A strong brand lets the potential buyer know what to expect from your company. One of the fastest ways to break the trust between you and your target audience is by having an inconsistent brand. For example, let’s say that you are searching for a top of the line, high-tech appliance with all of the bells and whistles. You go to the website only to be disappointed when you find that it looks like it was created 15 years ago and it features a dated logo. The potential buyer quickly notices that the modern product is inconsistent with the old style visual branding. The end result is a loss of trust. To establish a strong bond with your target audience, you need to ensure that all of your marketing materials send the same message, which will ultimately give your audience confidence that you will come through for them.

2. Brand consistency builds awareness

Your visual identity - your logo, fonts, images, colors, and any other visual elements associated with your brand, play an important role in building brand awareness. A consistent visual identity establishes a visual standard for your brand. In other words, every time a person experiences your brand visually, you want them to see the same thing because you are building an association in his or her mind. This link becomes stronger every time they experience your brand, until one day the link is so strong that the person can recognize your brand with just a quick glance. That is how brand awareness is established.

3. Brand consistency builds authority

Once your target audience begins to get comfortable with your brand, you can then use that relationship to build authority by demonstrating your subject knowledge within your industry. This is also a great opportunity to introduce your brand story to your target audience. A brand story is not only engaging, but it provides a powerful way to get your message out.

Brand style guide

Once you understand the value of a consistent brand, you will see why a brand guide is an essential business document. Even small businesses should have a complete brand guide with sections related to:

Brand mission

Unique selling propositions

Brand voice and tone

Brand colors

Brand fonts and typography

Photography and graphics

And more…

A brand guide serves as a valuable resource for people who work for you. For instance, I find it very helpful when my client provides me with a style guide; this allows me to complete his/her project much faster and create brand consistency.

Your branding has a great emotional impact on your customers and it’s often the reason why people make the decision to buy your products and services. Building brand awareness takes time and you need to keep it consistent, but eventually, you can grow your audience and build a successful brand.