5 benefits of blogging to grow your business

5 benefits of blogging to grow your business posted by White Box Design Studio

Blogging takes a time commitment and requires a lot of effort. You have to research a topic, do keyword research using tools such as Google Keyword Planner, find images or create graphics for each blog post. I spend easily more than a few hours creating a blog post. I also have a copywriter to edit and proofread it before I post. Is it worth it? Yes, it is! Blogging is one of the essential marketing channels (like social media and direct mail, etc.) that will help to grow your business and increase brand awareness. If you combine blogging with other marketing channels, it’s a powerful way to increase your online presence. For example, since I started pinning images from my blog posts to Pinterest, the monthly views have increased 7,451% (from 229 to 17,292 viewers) within 30 days. I know that is not a big number but you can see the comparisons from before and after. You can take advantage of using this free marketing channel to increase your online presence.

 Here are 5 reasons why blogging benefits your business.

1. Blogging can boost your search engine rankings

Search engines love fresh content. Writing 2-3 new blog posts each week offers search engines fresh and relevant content to scan when they crawl your website. Quality content covering a range of relevant topics for your business will help improve your search engine results. How often do you update your website? Do you often add or update web content? If you haven’t updated your site in a while, it will get stale and decrease your search engine rankings. In other words, if you blog regularly, you can keep your website fresh and increase your search engine visibility.

2. Blogging will help increase web traffic to your website

Every time you write a blog post, it’s one more indexed page on your website which means it’s another opportunity to rank in the search engines and drive traffic to your site. Blogging also helps you generate an organic presence on social media channels. Content that you create for a blog post can be shared to help engage your target audience who may not be familiar with you yet.

For example, I started pinning images (like this and that) that I had posted on my blog to Pinterest. The monthly viewers drastically increased from 229 to 17,292 viewers within 30 days. In addition, this started to drive traffic to my website from Pinterest as well.

Example of Pinterest monthly viewers metric by White Box Design Studio
Pinterest top pin impressions example by White Box Design Studio

You can choose a few social media channels (like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) that are most relevant to your business and increase your online presence by connecting to them every time you update your blog.

3. Blogging will help you connect existing and potential customers to your brand

Blogging provides the opportunity to show the personality of your company and offer insights into your company values, visions and philosophy, ideas etc. You should incorporate your brand colors, fonts, style of images, and messages every time you post a blog article. If you keep it consistent, you can increase familiarity and cultivate trust among your existing and prospective customers.

4. Blogging can establish your business as an industry expert

Blogging is the best way to establish your business or your brand as an expert in your field.

A blog gives you an opportunity to share information and important insights. You can build trust with your existing and prospective customers by providing valuable and expert information in your blog posts. Over time, your informative content will accumulate and become a helpful resource for potential clients that can ultimately lead to an increase in conversion rates. Once you build credibility with your customers, you can compete with large companies.

5. You can discover new things through blogging

I started my business blog almost a year ago and to be honest I was blogging on and off and haven’t done much until quite recently. It’s really time consuming but every time I write a new blog post, I learn something new. For example, I used the wrong keywords for a blog article that I posted a while ago and I was attracting an irrelevant audience. My site traffic was increased drastically but I was not able to lead conversion from the traffic. So, I decided to change target keywords and also I am going rewrite content more relevant to my audience. If I don’t experiment, I will never understand what works and what doesn't. So, I have an opportunity to get better results next time.

Here are a few great tools that help you when blogging.

Google Analytics (Web analytics tool)

Google Keywords Planner (Keyword research tool)

Moz Keyword Explore (Keyword research tool)

Unsplash (Free stock photos) & other quality free stock photo sites

Optimizilla.com ( an image optimizer to compress your images in JPEG and PNG)

TinyPNG ( an image optimization tool to compress your images )

Google’s Page Speed insights (load time check tool)

Are you attracting more customers? Do you want to increase your online presence? Do you want to build brand awareness? You can’t ignore the fact that blogging will help grow your business!