Angelique O'Neil Enterprises

Brand development  / Logo Design / Stationery Design / Brand Identity



Angelique O'Neil, CEO of Angelique O'Neil Enterprises, a fashion public relations firm located in New York, asked White Box Design Studio to develop a brand for her new company. Her clients included celebrities and upscale establishments. She wanted her logo and brand identity to be elegant, clean, and sophisticated to align with her clients. She wanted to use silver and she wanted business cards that were special and different from others. 



White Box Design Studio created a simple, elegant logo and brand identity including business cards and stationery. We used silver as her only brand color, giving the logo more of an impact and really emphasizing the quality. We used silver foil, high-quality stock paper, and a square shape for her business cards to emphasize Angelique's upscale brand and style.



Logo sketches:We sketched a lot of ideas for her logo and showed her a couple of the best design concepts. We emphasized her initials, AO, in the logo and focused on a minimal design with her name.  

Logo design: Our client, Angelique, wanted the focus to be on her full name in her logo. We created a one-of-a-kind, custom font to use for her logo. Her brand style is not only minimal but embodies quality and elegance. 


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