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Socrates Cartagena event collateral-stage backdrop


The McNulty Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports individuals who have exceptional leadership abilities and works to make the world a better place. The McNulty Foundation asked me to create their event collateral for the Socrates Colombia Seminars 2019. In partnership with the Aspen Institute, this was their first time program in Cartagena, Colombia and they wanted to use either the same abstract design from the prior year’s event collateral items or some of the same design elements and colors to ensure brand consistency.  


I created a logo for the event and collateral including postcards, brochures, signage, banners, and stage backdrops. Cartagena is a port city located on Colombia's northern coast, facing the Caribbean Sea. It has a mix of old, colonial style architecture along with structures with a more modern flair. Incorporating some of the design elements from the last year’s collateral made it a unique project for me.

A bright color palette is one of the iconic symbols for the location reflecting the traditional architecture as well as the vibrant colors found in the local culture. I used these colors to integrate with the brand colors of the McNulty Foundation and Aspen Institute. I recreated new graphics using beautiful colored gradations.

Inspirations for Cartagena, Colombia

To maintain brand consistency, I incorporated design elements from the prior year’s event. The previous design used a more random sampling of geometric shapes. I used those geometric shapes to create a modern cityscape with bright colors. To reflect Cartagena’s location on the Caribbean, I interwove blue and green geometric shapes and positioned it below the cityscape. The blue and green color also incorporates the Aspen Institute’s brand color into the design.

The final result was a clean design using bright colors and geometric shapes, reflective of both the culture of Cartagena, Colombia as well as maintaining the integrity of the McNulty Foundation and Aspen Institute brands. From directional signs to the city guide map, all of the collateral had a strong impact, was informative, and easily recognizable for the guests at the event.

Event collateral- outdoor sign
Socrates Cartagena event collateral- sign
Socrates Cartagena- Sponsor sign

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